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10 Principles of Diabetes Care and Advanced Lipid Analysis

In this February 2015 edition of the ACP Internist, I came across an article announcing to physicians that numerous major organizations had come to agree on 10 principles of caring for people at risk for diabetes. Principle one is identifying diabetes and...

Game Changer-Evidence Supporting Treating Acute Venous Thromboembolism As An Outpatient

In the September 17, 2014 JAMA journal, a well documented evidenced-based review on the management of acute venous thromboembolism shows that in the majority of clinical cases the most recent guideline management strategy for this condition needs revision. What I am saying is...

Reminiscing About PPACA -Obamacare Has Got To Go

    The Media has been awash this past two weeks with mostly bad news regarding PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act).  That was the original acronym but it got punted after President Obama’s reelection to ACA (Affordable Care Act).  This was...

Florida’s Doctors Are Getting High-Jacked by the Politics of Marijuana

    Our local press and the media in general want Florida’s citizens to believe there is an actual real physician’s movement behind medical marijuana; there isn’t-quite to the contrary, in fact.   As if doctors haven’t been marginalized enough in...

Health Shake Recipes

    Recently I got the new NutriBullet for making quick healthy shakes.  I wanted to share one of the recipes and also remind folks of the Green Goddess Shake recipe which I have advocated in the past as well.  These shakes are a great way to start you morning- controlled,...

Obamacare Court Case- An Example of Federalism At Work

        This week the news has been abuzz regarding the recent court outcomes related to the portion of  the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (lately just the Affordable Care Act) that is addressing the plain language dispute regarding subsidies...

New Information Regarding Monitoring/Predicting Memory Loss Progression to Clinical Alzheimer’s Disease

  I am becoming a big fan of a site for doctors called Consultant 360. Just tonight I read a potentially ground-breaking article which indicates that there is a set of proteins that can be measured in the blood of subjects aged 70 years or older that when placed into an...

So The Lifetime Achievement Award- Won’t Be Going To Your Marijuana User

  In the June 5th New England Of Medicine Journal a review article on the adverse health effects of marijuana use by Dr. Volkow et al we learn that the ongoing trend of politicizing medical marijuana may turn out to have some significant adverse health issues, most notably...