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What do Cholesterol Numbers Mean?

As you get older, you should have your cholesterol levels tested every few years with a blood test called a “lipid profile.”  This test will generate a report of the levels of several kinds of lipids in the blood, and the report will give values for each of these.  Unfortunately,...

Tips for Reading Nutrition Labels

One of the most important steps to being healthier is to pay close attention to what you’re putting in your body.  This often means looking closely at what you’re eating.  One very important step is to check the nutrition labels on things you buy at the store.  It’s important not...

Health Benefits of Vegetables

We hear all the time that vegetables are good for us and that we should be eating more vegetables.  People who eat more vegetables as part of their healthy diet generally have decreased risks for many conditions and diseases.  There are many things about vegetables that make them...

The Value of a Primary Care Doctor

Many Americans leave their healthcare to chance and emergency.  Others rely on urgent care centers or a revolving door of doctors assigned to them by their insurance company.  However, studies show that patients who form relationships with a single doctor who provides integrated...

Why Are Supplements Important?

Supplements are things like pills and powders that contain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are intended to supplement a person’s normal intake through diet.  Because high amounts of processing and other industrial production methods leave foods lacking in many...

75% of Heart Attack’s Occur With “Normal Cholesterol”. Advanced Lipid Testing Finds Risk.

A study published in 2009 analysed admission cholesterol data in just under 137 thousand patients from 541 hospitals from 2000-2006. In that data set only 25% had LDL cholesterol levels over 130. The majority were within the then recommended LDL cholesterol levels based upon...

Do Statins Increase Your Blood Sugar?

In a recent June, 2014 Cardiology today® article, there was a report on the calorie and fat intake trends of subjects who took statins.  The time trend evaluated was from 1999 to 2010 and the findings are interesting.  I would like to tie this information into another topic that...

May Is High Blood Pressure Education Month

The AMA this week featured an article reminding us that we can prevent 1 of 3 deaths from cardiovascular disease, the number one killer in America. Awareness of hypertension (high blood pressure) is important for reducing mortality from stroke, kidney disease and other vascular...

It Is Time To Speak Up About The Medicare Payments To Doctors Data Dump

The siege against the doctors continues.  For decades some have been asking the government to report what they have been paying the individual doctors for Medicare services.  Well, they finally did that and the Wall Street Journal was there to report it.  What I find fascinating...

New Anticoagulants Prove to be Safe and Effective

In the recent February edition of Cardiology today a large data set (meta-analysis) that incorporated over 70,000 people supported the favorable risk-benefit profile for the new anticoagulants compared to warfarin. There were significant reductions in stroke, intracranial...

Medical Marijuana Back in the News – This Time For Seizures

This past week or so America is reading about how parents are carting up their kids and moving to Colorado in order to receive “Medical Marijuana” for seizures. I just watched the video on USA today and honestly, the one child who reportedly is having hundreds of seizures a day...