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Who Are We?

Internal Medicine, Lipid & Wellness of Fort Myers is an independent medical practice offering affordable medical services specializing in the treatment & management of cardiovascular health, complex cholesterol disorders, internal medicine and diet & nutrition to name a few. We offer healthcare packages that make sense & that are affordable. Establish your medical home today with us!

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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Raymond Kordonowy, M.D.

Board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Clinical Lipidology, Dr. Kordonowy has been practicing medicine in Fort Myers since 1993. Recognized as an outstanding physician by the American College of Physicians, Dr. Kordonowy earned his degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City, and completed his residency as Chief Resident at the Orlando Regional Hospital System.

With nearly two decades of private practice experience as a doctor in Fort Myers, Dr. Kordonowy understands how best to treat his patients, ensuring that they get the highest quality care for competitive, market based prices. His practice, Internal Medicine Lipid & Wellness, provides a full-fledged “medical home” model, with comprehensive labs, diagnostic equipment, and primary care all within one conveniently located office in Fort Myers, Florida. A firm believer in preventative care and a holistic approach to delivering healthcare, Dr. Kordonowy promotes a healthy lifestyle of longevity for each of his valued patients.

Dr. Kordonowy is the spokesperson and proud member of the Florida Southwest Chapter of FMMA: |

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Have you been lost in the shuffle of quality healthcare and are now searching for a predictable payment for this year’s primary care health services? Come on in and join Dr. Kordonowy’s prestigious practice and save money on out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Our personalized and unlimited access to a physician can be a tremendous benefit to you and your family’s health. Dr. Kordonowy’s practice emphasizes unparalleled customer service, access, and quality. If you are looking for a one-on-one relationship with one of Lee County’s most respected and accomplished board certified physicians with over 20 years of experience, then Dr. Raymond Kordonowy’s Concierge Memberships will provide you with the quality care you need.
Get started today by simply selecting one of Dr. Kordonowy’s Concierge Healthcare Plans and calling our office at (239) 362-3005 ext 200 to make arrangements.

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Doctor Kordonowy is board recertified in the specialty of Internal Medicine. This is the general field from which all other medical subspecialties arise from. He is the “doctor’s doctor” and qualified to evaluate and diagnose complex adult medical conditions. If unable to manage a problem directly such consultative diagnosis may result in efficient referral to the proper medical or surgical subspecialist. Dr. Kordonowy is happy to offer a second opinion in his field as well. Lipidology is a medical subspecialty focused on the cholesterol management. Dr. Kordonowy’s expertise in this field has helped many patients increase their longevity.

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