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Meet Dietitian Ashley Wheeler, MS, RD, LD-N

This past month dietitian Ashley Wheeler, MS, RD, LD-N has been brought onto our team. We are very excited to have her services available to our patients.  She is passionate, experienced, pleasant, energetic and helpful. She is bringing a new approach and working collaboratively...

Medicare Advantage Crisis is Here

PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) has ramifications across the entire health insurance market. Besides the 10-15 million private insurance end of contract notices, now the Medicare beneficiaries are seeing the beginning of the 700 plus billion in cuts from the...

Moral Hazard Anyone?

This article is a response to a story in this Weekend’s Wall Street Journal (June 15-16, 2013) which explains that Detroit is quickly heading to bankruptcy. The...

Can Hospital-Owned Practices Survive in The Long Run?

The following is a very well written and very relevant article by Arthur Gale, MD.  After the article, I have included my own brief commentary on the issue.  Please read on.

Face Down Positioning is Effective For Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

This article from the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrates that placing patients face-down while intubated for a condition known as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) significantly improves survival. Roughly 230 patients were divided into different treatment...

When It Comes To The ICU, Less is Better

A recent New England Journal of Medicine article suggests perhaps less is better in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This came from the June 6, 2013  publication. The article analyzes the effectiveness of having a night-time ICU specialist in attendance during the night shift. ...

How The Supreme Court Doomed PPACA To Failure

In this excerpt from Regulation: The Cato Review of Business and GovernmentThomas Lambert of the Cato Institute perfectly sums up why we have such expensive healthcare in the United States.  When third party payers (Medicare and Insurance companies) pay for nearly all of the...