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Concierge medicine

Learn About Dr. Kordonowy’s Concierge Plans

Looking for quality time with your doctor to discuss medical issues? When you have a direct relationship with your doctor, he or she is in tune with your needs. This relationship is possible when you go to a concierge doctor.  Concierge services, like those provided by myself,...

We Need To Rethink Hormone Replacement In Women

A recent Danish study shows that 10 years of hormone replacement started early in menopause significantly improved cardiovascular risk (50% reduction).  A few years ago America was floored by the Women’s Health Initiative’s results which suggested no cardiovascular...

‘Concierge’ doctors’ contracts give patients choice and savings – 3/12/2011

This is an opinion piece I wrote to the Fort Myers News-Press concerning an article they recently wrote titled, “Patients hit with add-on charges,” by Frank Gluck, The News-Press, Jan. 23. “Drs. Douglas Henricks and Rob Simmons are my practicing partners.  Frank...