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Lipidology Healthcare Plans

Doctor Kordonowy is the only Board Certified Clinical Lipidologist in Lee County. Lipidology is a medical subspecialty focused on the cholesterol management. Dr. Kordonowy’s expertise in this field has helped many patients increase their longevity by effectively managing tricky cases of high cholesterol. If you suffer from high cholesterol, or if your primary care physician wishes to refer you to a Clinical Lipidology specialist for consultation, choose an option below and schedule an appointment at 239) 362-3005 ext 200.

Cholesterol and Internal Medicine Consults
Any patient is entitled to a second opinion. Your personal doctor or surgical specialist may refer you for a diagnostic evaluation or second opinion as well. Consultation for lipidology review can apply to this program- see cardiovascular risk assessment package for a more comprehensive evaluation.
90 Minute Appointment
Full health history, a physical examination and review of prior/outside records.
A summary letter of Dr. Kordonowy’s findings, opinion and any recommendations offered.
Additional lab testing including a lipoprotein and cardiac inflammatory profile is likely needed for difficult cholesterol cases and would incur additional fees.
Follow up Lipid only appointments are $198 dollars per 30 minute appointment.
Additional diagnostic or lab testing may incur additional fees
Lipidology/Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Package
$1200.00 Package
Includes Advanced lipoprotein testing and cardiac inflammatory profile with interpretation
90 minute appointment to review data, access history and perform appropriate examination.
Action plan summary letter to reinforce the information and recommendations.
One hour diet review and recommendation with Dr. Kordonowy
***This program can serve as a consultation for your regular doctor or for your personal piece of mind and cholesterol expert opinion
Additional follow-up visits for lipid management at $198 per ½ hour appointment