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heart health

Eat Right For Your Heart

Reviewed by health care specialists at UCSF Medical Center. The original article appeared here. The foods you eat directly impact your cardiovascular health. Improving your diet can help you manage current health conditions, such as high cholesterol, blood pressure and blood...

6 Incredible Health Benefits of Having a Dog

We all know dogs make our lives better, but did you know they make you healthier, too? From cardiovascular fitness to mental stability, dogs provide a whole lot more than tail wags and cuddles, and the health advantages of dog guardianship are not limited to people who have a...

Heart-Healthy Diet

Description An in-depth report on how to build the best diet for your heart’s health. Alternative Names Diet – heart health Highlights Heart-Healthy Diet Guidelines Key recommendations for a heart-healthy diet include: Eat a balanced diet with plenty of high-fiber...