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Currently, patient satisfaction during hospitalizations in Lee Memorial Healthcare hospitals is at an all time low. The hospital system in Lee County is contracting with companies that employ hospitalists, which is a national trend due to the payment models used by Medicare and health insurance companies. Hospitalists are doctors who only take care of patients in the hospital. Often, I have been able to select which doctors treat my patients in the hospital. I have personally selected the highest quality physicians. Still, many of my patients admitted to the hospital are assigned doctors I have not selected. My lack of control over who sees my patients is occuring more frequently due to changes in healthcare delivery in our hospitals. When my patients end up with doctors I have not selected, they may be seen by a different hospitalist every day. Switching physicians several times during a single admission is a very poor way to manage inpatient care

Recent research has shown that “patients cared for by hospitalists were less likely to be discharged to home and were more likely to have emergency room visits and readmissions after discharge. They also had fewer visits with their primary physician and more nursing facility visits after discharge.” Annals of Internal Medicine, August 2, 2011. This means more patients are being discharged to nursing homes under this Hospitalist model. Research published in the Journal of American Medical Association, August 24, 2011 concluded that due to incomplete communication from one physician to another, medicines for chronic diseases were being discontinued while patients were in the hospital. This led to an increased risk of death, hospitalization, and emergency department visits up to 1 year after hospital discharge. There is increasing evidence indicating that in the current hospital environment it is crucial to have a physician as your advocate and overseeing your care; a physician who has known you, your family, and your medical history for years.

-Raymond Kordonowy, MD

Our Hospital Concierge Plans

Premium Membership: This option is offered annually during an enrollment period of October 1st through December 31st to established patients. Dr. Kordonowy will be available to you for one year for as many hospitalizations that may occur. You will be provided with a special phone number to access him directly, 24 hours a day, when you are hospitalized.
Annual fee: $1,500 for Charter Members, $1,750 for new enrollees. This price is subject to change on an annual basis. Visit if you wish to be considered for next year’s enrollment. Depending upon demand, this service may be limited. New patients may sign up for the Service at any time. Established patients may not sign up for the Service after the enrollment period.


​”My goal is to enhance the quality of your care received during hospitalization, which is one of the most critical times of your health care.”

Due to these declines in hospital care, Dr. Kordonowy offers a concierge hospital service for his patients called the Inpatient Advocate Service™.

This service includes:

  • Personal visits to the hospital
  • Review of chart including diagnosis, treatment, and medications
  • Educating the patient and family about what is occurring and why
  • Assisting physicians involved, and informing them of relevant history
  • Insuring appropriate discharge planning to prevent unnecessary nursing home placement or other inappropriate treatment plans
  • Smooth transition back to your home and my office
  • Access to my preferred Home Health agencies