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Affordable Healthcare

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Affordable comprehensive healthcare package for only

$825.99 per year

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Have you been lost in the shuffle of Obamacare? Looking for a predictable payment for this year’s primary care health services? This package meets your typical yearly health care needs at a locked-in, affordable price. This is an ideal product for the high-deductible insurance client as well as the uninsured. This could be a gift option for someone you care for.

Get familiar with Dr. Kordonowy’s excellent facility, services and staff!

This plan allows individuals to pre-pay on an annual basis for a year of services. Dr. Kordonowy agrees to personally provide an annual physical examination, EKG, comprehensive lab package*, and two additional office visits in a twelve month period. Office visits may include meeting with our on-site certified dietitian. The yearly fee for this package effective 1/2014 is $825.99.

Monthly payment plans are also available!

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Prefer to pay by the month? Sign up for our monthly payment plan of $650 down and 5 monthly payments of $85.20.

The package includes:
– An annual physical including one hour of clinical/physician time
– Two additional 20 minute office visits which can be used for new acute problems, or additional counseling/follow-up
– One EKG with interpretation
– A comprehensive lab package including: complete metabolic lipid profile, LDL cholesterol, TSH (thyroid testing) and Urinalysis. Males over the age of 49 will receive a PSA (prostate cancer screening test).

*Office visits and/or tests not listed in the package will be provided at our normal rates.